Four Corners Miniatures Club
of Durango, Colorado
The Four Corners Miniatures Club is an informal and fun group of miniature and dollhouse enthusiasts.
We are based in the Southwest corner of Colorado with members throughout the Four Corners area
including Durango, Bayfield, Mancos and Cortez.  Yes, our Club covers a large geographic area - but we
carpool whenever possible.  This allows us more time to chat about our current projects.  

We meet monthly at a member's home or at a local library.  From November-April we meet once a
month, and from May-October we meet twice a month.  We love to share our miniature projects and
our creative talents in a variety of miniature scales and periods.  You will find everything from log cabins
to Medieval castles, Victorian, Art Deco, modern.  You are only limited by your imagination!  

If you don't have space in your abode for a dollhouse (many of us do not!) small vignettes can be
created or a one-room display box are wonderful options (and a good way to get your feet wet so
to speak...).  Or you might find yourself infatuated with the smaller half-inch or quarter-inch scales.  

We are always looking for new members.  The more members, the more we can share and learn from
each other and the more fun we have.  Miniaturists of all skill levels are welcome.  In fact, half of our
members were new to the hobby when they joined.  We'll show you how to make fantastic miniatures
like the ones you'll see here!

          So if you are looking for a hobby to get passionate about -
                          it's dollhouses and miniatures for sure!  
Even if you have never created or collected miniatures or built a dollhouse
(or hadn't even thought about it before) ...
please join us and that miniature addiction will grab hold!!
You won't be able to resist!!
For more information about
our dollhouse and miniatures
club (or about this wonderful
addictive hobby!) please

Marilyn White
Click on the link to Club News for the location of upcoming exhibits and
read of some wonderful and exciting things happening with our members!